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VISA Information

Entering to Argentina

Below is specific information about requirements to enter Argentina according to your citizenship.
IMPORTANT: we advise you to also contact your travel agent, airline company or the closest Argentine Consulate or Embassy to confirm entry requirements. Click here for additional information.

Passports & Visas

Citizens of MERCOSUR and associated countries (Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela) can travel to Argentina with their ID Card (check which one at each case) or with a passport, but we recommend you bring both if possible.

Citizens of every other country will need a valid passport.

Citizens of several countries do not need visa for visits for up to 90 days (check list).

Entry Reciprocity Fee

When entering Argentina, citizens of the following countries must pay a "reciprocity fee":

  • Australia
  • Canada

The payment of this "reciprocity fee" is NOT a visa, since Argentina does not require visas from citizens of these countries if they are traveling for tourism or business purposes. The Argentine government set this entry fee equal to amounts Argentine citizens must pay when requesting a visa to travel to those countries. The fee should be paid online in advance (see instructions).

Citizens of countries that require a Visa to enter Argentina

If you are a citizen of a country requiring a visa to enter Argentina, we have arranged, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a simpler mechanism to obtain it through the Argentine consulate office in your country of residence. Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Visa Information Form and load, before August 1st, the following information:
    • Full name
    • Nationality
    • Country of residence, and city where the visa application will be presented to the Argentine consulate.
    • Birth date
    • Passport number
  2. After August 5th, with your passport and the official acceptance letter from the IEEE MSC 2016, go to the Argentine consulate office in your country of residence to apply for a temporary visa to attend this IEEE Multi-Conference.

A list with the names of all visa candidates attending IEEE MSC 2016 will be distributed to the Argentine consulates around the world. For this it is important that you provide your personal data before the August 1st deadline, to be included in this list. Otherwise, the visa application can be much more complicated and the organizers of MSC 2016 will not be able to collaborate.


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